Friday, July 19, 2013

My 10 Favorite Things About Summer

1. Picnics! I would have a picnic everyday if I could.

2. Leaving the windows open at night and feeling the breeze while I fall asleep. 

3. Summer Concerts. 

4. Eating outside and people watching.

5. Summer cocktails. Margatitas, Mojitos, Sangria . . . the list goes on.

6. Pool Days. We have a pool that we hardly ever use. But when we do, it's a good day!

7. Beach days. 

8. Summer fruits.

9. Naps. Who doesn't like to crank the fan or A/C and take a nap? 

10. The Boardwalk! 

What are your favorite things about Summer? 


  1. AWWW SO CUTE:) Love this post....the cat is SO cute haha.

    Check out my new summer dress post and have av awesome week dear.

    LOVE Maria at

  2. Love them all! What about going to a movie on a hot, hot afternoon? I loved taking to kids during summer vacation. When you come out of the cold theater, the heat actually feels good.

  3. I love all these things too! Especially sleeping with my windows open and having a picnic BBQ.