Tuesday, May 7, 2013

If there was no "Before", there could be no "After".

We recently completed a major Property Flip and I'm excited to share all of the Before & After pics with you! To start us off, take a look at the exterior of the house . . . 

Doesn't it look gorgeous now? 

And here is the Living Room . . . 

With recessed lighting, beautiful moulding and gleaming hardwood floors, it's definitely a place that I would like to spend some time!

The Family Room took quite a bit more work . . . and more of a vision. 

After opening the Kitchen to make a Great Room, this house became much more welcoming. The ceilings were raised, beams were added and obviously everything was transformed. Skylights, new lighting and well, uh . . . pretty much new EVERYTHING made this Great Room gorgeous.

Here's another view . . . 

The kitchen definitely needed to be opened up. Before, it seemed like a place to go when being punished. Now, it's completely welcoming. 

The Master Bedroom was completely transformed.

Here's another shot . . . 

We don't have "Before" pictures of the backyard to show you, but I'm happy to share the "After" shots with you. Redwood trees, a Brazilian Hardwood Deck and lush grass make this backyard a paradise. 

Here's a close up of the front porch, now that it's a place to be proud of . . . 

And a few more pics of various rooms and spaces . . . 

So, that's what has been keeping us busy for the past few months. Business is booming and I'm just able to catch my breath! Which room is your favorite? It's tough for me to decide, because at this point, they all feel like my children!


  1. This is amazing! I totally want to open my ceiling now.

    1. Thanks! Opening up the ceiling made the rooms look and feel SO MUCH bigger.

  2. What a huge transformation. It looks bright and airy - beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Lorrie. Bright and Airy is what we were going for!

  3. What a gorgeous renovation! Each room is fabulous but I love a beautiful kitchen so I will go with the kitchen. You did a fantastic job, some serious talent went into that project!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. OMG, this renovation is amazing! Want to come fix up my house!!