Monday, March 25, 2013

The Top 5 Things I Love About Spring

1. More time spent outside. Whether I'm taking a walk, gardening or enjoying a drink in my backyard, I'm just happy to be outside.
2. Spring Flowers! Especially tulips. We have a TON in our garden this year and I get happy every time I look outside. And now, I know a trick about how to keep them from getting droopy after they are cut. This picture was taken 3 days after I put them in their vase. I'll share my secret later this week!

3. Decorating our backyard. Every year, I get excited about incorporating new colors into our outdoor decor. With all the flowers we are growing this year, our yards have more color than ever before.

4. Spring blossoms. When our trees look like this, I can't help but snap a pic.

5. Weekend Getaways. A Spring weekend getaway is the best kind! With wildflowers in bloom and the weather just right, there are so many opportunities to hop out of the car to enjoy the scenery.
What are your favorite things about Spring?