Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kitchen Remodel

I've been a bad blogger. It's true. I've been so busy working on projects that I haven't had the time or energy to update our little blog. Allow me to give you a glimpse of what we have been working on for the past week.

When we first bought our house, the kitchen looked like this.

No, that isn't our stuff thrown all over the kitchen. That junk belonged to the people who owned the home before us. If you've seen our other "Before & After" shots, you know that we were left with quite a few "presents" when we took ownership of this house. 

So, once their junk was cleared out, we fixed the kitchen up to be livable. (We also put a dishwasher in that gaping hole). We painted, we added some touches to make it feel like home and we have been using the kitchen for the past 3 years. Finally, it is time for a NEW KITCHEN!!

A few months ago, we added a skylight to the room. We also had recessed lighting installed. Basically, we did a few things in preparation of our giant kitchen remodel. Well, last week, we ripped out our entire kitchen.

Yup, gone is the old linoleum. Gone are the disgusting cabinets. Gone are the old appliances!

It took us an entire day to pull all the staples out of the floor. My poor hands had blisters.

Finally, the tile was placed. We used 24 inch travertine tile and placed them diagonally. I prefer honed limestone, (like what we used in our hall bathroom), but we just couldn't find any that I liked.

Our poor kitties have not been fans of this remodel.

After letting the tile set, it was time to grout. This has probably been my favorite thing to do so far.

After allowing the grout time to set, we painted the walls gray. "Silver Dollar" to be exact.

Finally, it was time to hang cabinets.

And today, we are having the granite counter tops installed. Just a few days until we are finished!

Unfortunately, we are living like this until then:

Yup, our poor dining room is now holding all of the contents of our kitchen.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Winner Announcement!

The winner of the 100 free postcards is . . .

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Thanks, PrintRunner for this fantastic giveaway!