Monday, January 9, 2012

Master Bedroom Reveal

We're so happy to finally be finished with our Master Bedroom transformation! While we still need to add crown moulding, we are content for now. We've transformed our bedroom into a glamorous retreat and I can finally feel relaxed when I go to sleep every night.

When we purchased our home, the bedroom looked like this . . .  I'll wait while to pick your jaw off the floor.

Not. Pretty.

When I wrote this post a while back about the room, I laughed at all of the hilarious emails and comments that you folks left. Obviously, the room was immediately painted when we moved in, but it took us quite a while to decide on the permanent decor for the room. You didn't expect us to leave it looking like this, did you?

Now, the room is a serene gray. Framed sand dollars and sea stars add a beachy vibe to the room. See more on that project here.

Sterling Silver candle holders, (a wedding gift) add to the mood lighting. The white, porcelain dish is used for jewelry or odds and ends at the end of the day. I plan to plant succulents in it when I have a chance. The lovely black and white frame was a gift from my dear cousin, who knew I was decorating our bedroom in a back and white color scheme. What a sweetheart!

The headboard was an old, knotty pine foot board. We painted it black and gave it a new life. At some point, we plan to make an upholstered headboard, but for now we're just fine with the one we have.

The chandelier, (my favorite thing about the room), was purchased for a steal on The mirrors that flank our bed were found at Homegoods for a mere $40 a piece.

The nightstands were a craigslist find. I cleaned them up, added new hardware and now, they're as good as new.

The chair that sits in the corner of the room was something that Joe had his eye on for months. Finally, (with some haggling), we brought the sucker home.

While Joe's nightstand has a jade plant nestled in a hammered metal planter, my nightstand has an aloe plant and a Buddha statue . . . reminding me to take a moment of relaxation and hopefully meditation everyday. Does it actually happen everyday? No. Every week? Nope. 
Eh, I'm working on it.

And there you have it, our Beachy- Glam Bedroom!

Tell me about your latest project. When you moved into your home, was there something that needed to be changed immediately, (like a lime green bedroom)? Or was your home move-in ready?

See an update to this post here.

Interested in seeing our other "Before & After" pics? Just click here!


  1. Oh it looks so great!!! I'm so happy for to have a completed, gorgeous master bedroom. The light fixture is my favorite. And the framed shells - so pretty!

  2. You did a great job! I love the fabric panels on the walls- really makes it romantic. Ps. That is the most insane green I've ever seen!

  3. Holy crap that before pictures is awesome. I really did pause to "take it all in."

    I love your bedroom. It is so beautiful. I really life Chinese inspired art and think meditation is so important for one's sanity.

    I love your room! Enjoy it. :)

    By the way, thanks for your comment on my blog!

  4. Oh bless your hearts for seeing the potential in that room!

    But I must say, what an amazing transformation. It feels and looks like a sanctuary! It was worth all the work to get there. Enjoy it =)

  5. Wow. Your bedroom turned out great! And yeah...the before...what on earth inspired the lime green?!? I love the checkered electrical plate too. It's all in the details after all. Not sure how I would respond if my (future) child asked me for that color.

    You two did a wonderful job.Congrats on your serene retreat!

  6. Now that's what I call a the soothing color tones and the chandelier...fabulous!!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your room looks much better now.

  8. Wow! It looks beautiful; I'm so glad you were able to cover up that green. What were they thinking??

  9. THat is completely amazing. What a transformation. I just heard the expression "suess juice green" today and think it might be accurate for your former room. BTW, I made a large sand dollar framed piece that looks identical to yours. Lovely room!!

  10. I love your new room! So ironic to read this today since I'm working on a post about how we re-did my daughter's bedroom. We chose blue because it's her favorite color and we did a unique design. Not sure if the next residents will be in love with it but it's NOTHING like that crazy green wall! :) You have to wonder what the guy at the paint store was thinking when they ordered that Green Slime color. Ha! Thanks for stopping by Nouns and Violets!

  11. That green was a shocker! Looks nice and restful now. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Take care.

  12. Bravo with the transformation. The previous color is really a pain in the eyes. The room looks more cozy and relaxing now. Definitely a place you are looking forward too, after a long and tiring day. Great job!

  13. You did a great job, I love it! And yes, that before is a little crazy!

  14. Wow...just wow! You’ve definitely made a massive improvement! I love the grey tones and the mirrors flanking the bed (may have to do that myself, actually). Thanks for sharing!

  15. My favorite is the chandelier. It's so glamorous! I remember years ago, Oprah talking about how your master bedroom should be the first room you "do" in your house because that should be the most relaxing room. Of course it's the last room we usually work on because it's the last room anyone sees! Kudos to you for obeying Oprah ;) It's beautiful.

  16. You have been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award! See this post for more information.

  17. LOVE the turnaround. Believe it or not, I have a bright green room in my house too. And we have NOT painted it over. It's actually just one really big wall in the room, but still. In a housefull of designer gray paint, I don't know who thought the chili pepper red downstairs (it grew on us) or the neon pistachio green in the guest room were good ideas. Pinned a couple of your photos. Super fun times!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog way back!
    One of your newest followers.


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