Saturday, October 1, 2011

31 Days of Autumn Inspiration

We're excited to be kicking off our 31 Days of Autumn Inspiration series today. Each day, we'll feature a new idea about how you can bring the Autumn Season into your home.

Today, I'll be showing you how you can create this burlap wreath.

Here's what you'll need:
- Styrofoam Wreath Form
- Burlap Garland
-Straight Pins
-Hot Glue Gun
- Scissors
-Fishing Wire

First, cover the wreath form by wrapping it with burlap. I used a tiny bit of hot glue for this part, but I mostly relied on my straight pins.

Then, I ran a quick running stitch down the edge a 3 foot piece of burlap. I used fishing wire because it didn't require me to thread a needle. (Pretty lazy, huh?) After reaching the end, I gently pulled on the burlap, causing it to ruffle. Once I felt it was ruffled enough, I tied a knot in my fishing wire.  Then, I drizzled my wreath with some hot glue and placed my ruffled burlap on top of it. Once I was happy with it's placement, I secured it with straight pins.

Then, I flipped the wreath over and did the same thing to the front of it.

Once both ruffles were secured, I decided to line the inside of the wreath with a piece of burlap. This way, the ends of the burlap wouldn't show. I used hot glue and straight pins to attach the burlap.

To make a rosette, I cut a strip of burlap and coiled it in my hand. As I coiled it, I twisted the burlap. Once I was happy with the way it looked, I drizzled some hot glue on the back of it and stuck it on my wreath. I did this 3 times.

Then, I used a string pulled from the burlap to hang my wreath on our front door. I fastened the string to the back of my wreath with straight pins.

And there you have it!

Now our door is ready for Autumn!

Quick, easy and beautiful.

What's on your front door? Do change your front door decor with the seasons?

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  1. This is just beautiful and I will be anxious to see the rest of the months creations.

  2. I like your subject. I'll be following along and look forward to seeing what's coming!

  3. What a lovely wreath. Stopping by from the 31 Days link-up.

  4. This is a beautiful wreath, hanks for sharing this tutorial! I am so excited for this 31 day challenge, it feels like the first day of Summer camp! :) Can't wait to see more of what you do!