Friday, October 21, 2011

31 Days of Autumn Inspiration: Spooky Outdoor Decor

If you're trying to get in the Halloween spirit, these photos ought to help.

Take a look at these great photos from of spooky outdoor decor and I'm sure you'll feel inspired to add a little touch of Halloween to your yard.

This is definitely a step above the usual cardboard headstones that people stick in their lawns.

This manages to be spooky and cute at the same time. That kitty on the left looks more friendly than scary.

This is such a great idea. Easy, too!

How about filling your trees with cotton spider nests and creepy plastic spiders? Yuck!!

This will look so scary as the sun goes down!

Somehow this Haunted House manages to seem very welcoming.

Got an old wheelbarrow and some plastic bones? Toss in some dirt and you'll have yourself a pretty spooky Halloween prop.

Do you decorate your yard for Halloween? Or are you the neighbor who turns off the lights and pretends to not be home?


  1. Such great ideas! I want to put the witch cutouts in my windows!