Saturday, October 15, 2011

31 Days of Autumn Inspiration: S'mores!

If you are curled up by the fireplace, then what better dessert to have than S'mores?

I feel like S'mores are the perfect dessert for any time of the year. This Summer, we hosted a party that featured a Churro Buffet and our guests loved it. So, why not have a S'more Buffet?

"S'more Pops" might be a better option for children. I vote for any dessert that will keep children's fingers from being sticky . . . especially if they are at my house!

If our S'more Buffet comes to be, -  it HAS to look like this.

And really, what's better than a S'more Cupcake? When we host parties, people actually call ahead of time to find out if we'll be serving our "Famous S'more Cupcakes".  I made these a couple of years ago for our 4th of July party and they quickly became a favorite.

Do you have any special S'more recipes? What's your favorite "Go To" dessert?


  1. I am TOTALLY going to do this! We don't have smors here in Norway...never heard of em! lol..
    I have made them for my children ... but this would be so fun to do with their friends! Thanks for the inspiration! fun blog... off to read more! :-)

  2. Yummy. This total gave me a craving for s'mores! ~Naomi

  3. UMMM...yes, I will need to try all of these s'more ideas.