Thursday, October 27, 2011

31 Days of Autumn Inspiration: Prepping for Holiday Baking

Soon, many of us will be stuck in the kitchen, baking away. When I took a look in my cabinet that holds all of our baking supplies, I had an instant sad face. It was a mess! And it certainly didn't make me excited to bake. So, I decided that an overhaul was necessary.

I used Ball jars to store all of my beautiful candy melts. I go through so many during the holiday's when I'm whipping up cake pops!

With all of the candy melts organized, I can easily see all of the beautiful colors that I have in stock. Never again will I need to make a mad dash to the store when I realize that I don't have the colors that I thought
 I had.

My cupcake liners and lollipop sticks now have a home as well.

Seeing all of my supplies in front of me actually makes me want to bake. Mission accomplished!

Now if only I could get our gift wrapping supplies in order as well!