Sunday, October 2, 2011

31 Days of Autumn Inspiration: One Candle, Many Looks.

This candle sits in our hall bathroom. Because it's so pretty, I usually don't think to decorate it. But, I decided that it could easily transition into fall.

With a couple handfuls of nuts, the candle takes on a cozy, Autumn feel.

Here, I wrapped a scrap piece of burlap around the candle and secured it with a piece of raffia. This look definitely gives our glam candle holder a more rustic feel.

This one may be my favorite. Tying the burlap in a bow puts a pretty spin on the rustic look.

And of course, I'm always looking for ways to use all of our wine corks. This look is especially pretty when the lights are turned down, as the candle light flickers through all of the corks.

And there you have it, - 4 easy ways to transition your home to fall!

What small tweaks do you make in your home to welcome the Fall Season?


  1. So cute! I love all the ideas - but I think the burlap bow is my favorite too.

  2. Ooooh I found a new blog to stalk! Thanks for stopping by my 31 days of Halloween. I'll be back to visit for sure. Loving that wreath, too!