Saturday, October 29, 2011

31 Days of Autumn Inspiration: Harvest Celebration Games

If you're throwing a Harvest Celebration, then you're probably planning a few outdoor games.

Why not try Gourd Bowling?

Or "Pop Goes the Pumpkin"? While this photo looks like it may have been taken indoors, I would highly suggest that you make this an outdoor activity, as it involves glitter.


Maybe some Croquet?

Last year, we had a Harvest Celebration Dinner with our friends, but this year we're opting for a more low key celebration. Very low key . . . it will just be the two of us. The night will consist of delicious food, Autumn themed cocktails and a few games. Nice and quiet!


  1. hi there! just popping by to let you know that your house is gorgeous! found you via the 31 day challenge. i checked out your before and afters and you are doing such a marvelous job.

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