Friday, October 28, 2011

31 Days of Autumn Inspiration: A Harvest Celebration

If you're planning a Harvest Celebration or any kind of party this Autumn, you'll love these photos. This party was featured over at and I love every bit of it. Take a look!

One of those wreathes is actually a styrofoam wreath form covered with peanuts. LOVE!

How cheerful is this buffet?

I'll take a bit of each, please.

Simple, but beautiful decor.

Gourds line the stairway. If only my vine had produced more than one sad, little gourd this year!

I love a great chalkboard in the kitchen.

The idea of a "Costume Timeline" is awesome! What a great way to take a look back on all of the costumes you and your children have worn over the years.

Are you planning a Harvest Celebration? We are, but it's just going to be a party for us two!