Monday, October 10, 2011

31 Days of Autumn Inspiration: Fall To-Do List

A reader sent us this beautiful photo that she came across. I'm in love! Apple garland is definitely on the DIY to-do list. Does anyone have experience making an apple garland?

Every year, we look forward to Autumn. It really is the greatest time of the year. With the anticipation of the holidays and the changing weather, there is so much excitement in the air. 

Our Fall To-Do List is always the same . . .

Visit our favorite vineyards.

Have a picnic in the crisp fall air.

Pick apples in an orchard.

Drink apple cider.

Curl up under a ton of cozy blankets.

What's on your Fall To-Do List?


  1. Mmmmm! The picture of the apple cider inside the cored apple looks soo good! AND the apple garland idea is neat and creative. I will have to add this my list as well. Our autumn "to do" list consist of football games, pumpkin patches/pumpkin carving, lots of baking particularly pumpkin pies and pumpkin empanadas (I'm not a fan of pumpkin, but when I add plenty of cinnamon and sugar and one secret ingredient, I can eat pumpkin all day long), and snuggling in our "comfys" near the fireplace. I think we may have to add a couple of these to our tradition (picking apples from an apple orchard and making apple garland).

  2. Love the apple garland. I wonder if it would last in my kitchen...

  3. Nice!! I've done many of these this fall...except pick apples! That's a fine list!