Thursday, October 13, 2011

31 Days of Autumn Inspiration: Cozy up your Home for Autumn

Looking for a few simple ways to cozy up for Fall?

If you have space, why not add a comfy arm chair to the bathroom? Add a soft throw and you have yourself a new reading nook.

Why not dine by the fire? If you can't move the dining table to be close to the fireplace, just set up dinner on the coffee table. What a great place to have dinner!

An easy-to-make canopy would make any bed instantly cozier.

What are your tips for cozying up your home during the colder months?


  1. Such good ideas... Love the photos.. I live in Europe & am struggeling to have this kind of warm cozy look.. the Scandinavian style is very simple.. / VERY expensive ugh...
    Popping by from SITS. Good morning!

  2. We enjoy dinning at the coffee table in the winter (because it's near the fireplace) as well. However, we don't set up as nice of a display as in your picture.

  3. These warm browns keep making me rethink the grey colors I painted everything last year. Ugh! I can not repaint 1/2 of the house again!