Thursday, September 8, 2011

Styling a Bookshelf

When I visit someone's home, I love taking a peak at their bookshelves. I think that the items in a person's bookcase can tell you a lot about them. Of course, what a person is reading says a lot about who they are, but all of the items that are displayed along side of the books also say a lot.

Take a look at this book case. Doesn't it look serene? All of the books have been covered and natural elements offer most of the texture. Bookcases aren't just for books! Use them to display family photos, special mementos and even plants.

Every time I see a bookshelf that has been organized according to color, I tell myself that I need more colorful books! The best way to add dimension to a book shelf is to alternate between stacking and lining the books up. Any books that are stacked in my bookcase, always have an item placed on top of them. Maybe a picture frame, maybe a candle.

This bookcase has a variety of objects in it. Books, vases, candlesticks, sculptural items and picture frames. Isn't this a bookcase that you would want to take the time to look at?

If I could have a room dedicated to books, it would look like this.

In our home, one of my favorite places to display special items, is in this bookcase. You'll notice that Daniel The Cat, also known as the Cashmere Bandit also likes this bookcase and has decided that he is worth displaying as well.

We keep framed photos, candles, shells, books, teapots and other items that are special to us here.

Since our ceilings are a bit higher in this room, there is quite a bit of space above the bookshelf. I decided that it looked way too plain up there. So, I had a photo that we took when we hiked the Napali Coast enlarged. Once I framed it, I placed it on top on the bookcase, along with a large, sea-blue colored glass vessel. Oh, by the way, the glass vessel was on clearance for only $4.00. Score!

Now, Daniel The Cat likes to sit atop the bookcase and pretend that he is at the beach. Meow.

What are your tips for styling a bookcase? Do you strictly use books? Or do you infuse some extra personality? Do share!


  1. We must be on the same bookcase styling wave length today, ha ha! I love your big bookshelf, and especially love the enlarged photo and glass vase, it definitely completes the look.

  2. Styling a bookcase takes so much more time and SOOOO much more stuff than ever imagined. It's a job and a half. I love that your cat thinks he's a design feature on the bookcase!