Friday, September 2, 2011

Sprucing Up the Front Door

While thinking of ways to spruce up my front door, I decided to meander over to Pinterest for ideas.

Maybe a little DIY wreath will spruce up our front door!

Or, maybe I should paint our house numbers.

How about something featuring our last initial?

So, now I have a ton of ideas floating floating around in my head.  Would you like to add any?

All images were found on Pinterest.


  1. Oh I love the red painted door with white house numbers!! So cute!

  2. Jen- A wreath AND and initial. I love that! Also the number on the door is pretty cool...

    Contact me with your address - I need to send you your pet bowl prize!


  3. I really like when people paint their front door some fun bright color that makes it pop, it's really unexpected but adds a nice colorful touch! That door with the house number is very nice (and probably useful for visitors and the mailman) :) And wreaths are cool to add some fall/holiday flavor, I definitely plan to have one this year!

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