Thursday, September 15, 2011

A New Bathroom and The Case of The Missing Cat.

There was nothing nice about our old hall bathroom. In fact, when we moved in, we swore that we would remodel it sooner, rather than later.

But 3 years later, we were still dealing with the same dark room, the same grimy floor and the same tiny vanity. Without a window, there was no natural light to speak of. It was pretty much our least favorite room in the house.

So, our remodel began.

The demo was the easy part.

We also decided to expand the bathroom by removing half of the hall closet. By including that space in the bathroom, we would have space for a decent sized vanity. (One with actual counter space). And finally, FINALLY, our bathroom got a window!

But, when our bathroom was just a shell of what it once was, something horrible happened.

Our handy man, who was helping us with the drywall, left a small hole open in the ceiling. AND he left his ladder next to it. Soon, we had a missing cat on our hands. Which brings us to the next photo . . . of Joe, taking down all of the backer board at 11:00 at night, to move the cast iron bathtub.

Goodtimes, indeed! After an entire day of searching for our sweet, (but very naughty) kitty, he began meowing back when we called him and eventually stuck his little nose through the hole in our new bathtub, where the faucet was about to be placed.

Unsure of how he had gotten himself into such a predicament, we decided to slide the tub out to retrieve our little fellow. To do this, we first needed to remove all of the backer board. But, after pulling out the tub, we saw that our cat was nowhere to be found. It was then, that we realized how Daniel the Cat had formed his escape plan.

You see, Daniel the Cat snuck into the attic through the hole in the ceiling. The attic let to the garage, which opened to our backyard. From there, he went under the house and squirmed his way up into the bathroom wall. The noise from our drill scared Daniel the Cat back under the house. At the time, we didn't know how he had gotten into the wall. In fact, we had no clue that he snuck inside the wall from under the house. We had searched under the house twice during our frantic search for him, so he must have been hiding in the wall for a good portion of the day.

After doing an army crawl under the house, we retrieved Daniel the Cat. The grime on the bottom half of my shirt shows you just how dirty Daniel was when we found him. Needless to say, Daniel got a bath that night.

Happily back in the house, Daniel hasn't let me out of his sight since his little misadventure. Tomorrow, we'll share all of our hall bathroom "After" photos.

*It's worth noting that we do have 2 other cats, though you never hear about them because, for the most part, they stay out of trouble. Daniel the Cat has always been our Problem Child.*


  1. He is quite the adventure seeking cat, isn't he? Glad he's safe and looking forward to the after photos of your bathroom.