Thursday, September 29, 2011

Four Wonderful Years

Today is an exciting day for us! Four years ago, today, we got married.

We honeymooned in Maui. We spent 2 wonderful weeks snorkeling, ATVing, hiking and lying on the beach.

Oh, and we dined out quite a bit as well.

The following year, we celebrated our 1st anniversary by spending time on The Big Island. We visited the volcano, snorkeled, went ATVing and spent a lot of time on the beach. 

For our 2nd anniversary, we vacationed with friends on Maui, Oahu and Kauai. We loved swimming in waterfalls, kayaking, hiking, ATVing and snorkeling.

Last year, we celebrated our 3rd anniversary by visiting Kauai again. It has definitely become our favorite island. Our trip was action packed, but our favorite part was hiking the Napali Coast.

Because our work schedule is so crazy, we desperately look forward to our annual vacation. So, can you guess where we're heading?

Hawaii is wonderful to visit in Autumn. Summertime is too hot, plus it's packed with tourists. Wintertime is crowded as well, plus the water isn't optimal for snorkeling. So, we love slipping away in October, just after the Summer craziness ends and just before the holiday craziness begins.

Where is your favorite vacation spot? Do you love a tropical island as much as we do?