Thursday, September 29, 2011

Four Wonderful Years

Today is an exciting day for us! Four years ago, today, we got married.

We honeymooned in Maui. We spent 2 wonderful weeks snorkeling, ATVing, hiking and lying on the beach.

Oh, and we dined out quite a bit as well.

The following year, we celebrated our 1st anniversary by spending time on The Big Island. We visited the volcano, snorkeled, went ATVing and spent a lot of time on the beach. 

For our 2nd anniversary, we vacationed with friends on Maui, Oahu and Kauai. We loved swimming in waterfalls, kayaking, hiking, ATVing and snorkeling.

Last year, we celebrated our 3rd anniversary by visiting Kauai again. It has definitely become our favorite island. Our trip was action packed, but our favorite part was hiking the Napali Coast.

Because our work schedule is so crazy, we desperately look forward to our annual vacation. So, can you guess where we're heading?

Hawaii is wonderful to visit in Autumn. Summertime is too hot, plus it's packed with tourists. Wintertime is crowded as well, plus the water isn't optimal for snorkeling. So, we love slipping away in October, just after the Summer craziness ends and just before the holiday craziness begins.

Where is your favorite vacation spot? Do you love a tropical island as much as we do?

Monday, September 26, 2011

31 Days of Autumn Inspiration!

We're exciting to be doing a special series, called 31 Days of Autumn Inspiration, starting October 1st. Our series will feature Autumn inspired recipes, easy DIY projects, ideas for the Autumn holiday season and ideas for infusing the Autumn season into your decor. So, be sure to stop by, starting October 1st for 31 days of great ideas for Autumn. We hope you'll join us!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Bathroom Reveal!

 I'm so excited to share these photos of our new bathroom with you. We've wanted to remodel our hall bathroom for so long!

Here's a quick peak, before I dive into all the details.

And of course, I should jog your memory with these oh-so-lovely "Before" photos of the bathroom before we got our hands on it.

Plain and nothing special, right?

But now, our hall bathroom looks like this . . .  

All of the finishes are in high polish chrome. Though this photo doesn't do it much justice, I am in love with our new light. The mirror was purchased at HomeGoods for just $20! I gave it a quick coat of spray paint, since the original finish was more pewter than chrome.

Our vanity is made from walnut wood and the hardware is from Martha Stewart's Home Depot line.

At $4.49 a pop, they were priced a little bit higher than most of the drawer pulls that we were looking at, but they were too beautiful to pass up!

Of course, no room is complete without a touch of plant life. This orchid probably won't survive under my care for much longer, but it sure is pretty.

Our new shower has subway tile, which has always been a favorite of mine. It's so clean and classic.

After bumping out the wall, our bathroom has much more space.

The new window let's in so much natural light that we usually don't even have to hit the light switch. Happily, our new light has a dimmer, so if we have guests over in the evenings, we can keep the light on very low so our guests can easily find the bathroom.

The granite vanity top is something that I love! When I first laid eyes on this type of granite years ago, I knew that I had to find a way to bring some into our home. (I'm hoping that our kitchen is next!) The floor is covered with 24" Limestone tile that was laid diagonally. We love larger tile, so we were happy to find pieces that we agreed on. Joe originally wanted Travertine, but I was dreaming of Limestone. As soon as we saw this tile, we knew it was perfect for our bathroom.

And there you have it!

What's your bathroom style? Do you lean more traditional, like we do? Or do you prefer something more modern? Do share!

To see pics of our bathroom demo, check out our previous post, by clicking here.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A New Bathroom and The Case of The Missing Cat.

There was nothing nice about our old hall bathroom. In fact, when we moved in, we swore that we would remodel it sooner, rather than later.

But 3 years later, we were still dealing with the same dark room, the same grimy floor and the same tiny vanity. Without a window, there was no natural light to speak of. It was pretty much our least favorite room in the house.

So, our remodel began.

The demo was the easy part.

We also decided to expand the bathroom by removing half of the hall closet. By including that space in the bathroom, we would have space for a decent sized vanity. (One with actual counter space). And finally, FINALLY, our bathroom got a window!

But, when our bathroom was just a shell of what it once was, something horrible happened.

Our handy man, who was helping us with the drywall, left a small hole open in the ceiling. AND he left his ladder next to it. Soon, we had a missing cat on our hands. Which brings us to the next photo . . . of Joe, taking down all of the backer board at 11:00 at night, to move the cast iron bathtub.

Goodtimes, indeed! After an entire day of searching for our sweet, (but very naughty) kitty, he began meowing back when we called him and eventually stuck his little nose through the hole in our new bathtub, where the faucet was about to be placed.

Unsure of how he had gotten himself into such a predicament, we decided to slide the tub out to retrieve our little fellow. To do this, we first needed to remove all of the backer board. But, after pulling out the tub, we saw that our cat was nowhere to be found. It was then, that we realized how Daniel the Cat had formed his escape plan.

You see, Daniel the Cat snuck into the attic through the hole in the ceiling. The attic let to the garage, which opened to our backyard. From there, he went under the house and squirmed his way up into the bathroom wall. The noise from our drill scared Daniel the Cat back under the house. At the time, we didn't know how he had gotten into the wall. In fact, we had no clue that he snuck inside the wall from under the house. We had searched under the house twice during our frantic search for him, so he must have been hiding in the wall for a good portion of the day.

After doing an army crawl under the house, we retrieved Daniel the Cat. The grime on the bottom half of my shirt shows you just how dirty Daniel was when we found him. Needless to say, Daniel got a bath that night.

Happily back in the house, Daniel hasn't let me out of his sight since his little misadventure. Tomorrow, we'll share all of our hall bathroom "After" photos.

*It's worth noting that we do have 2 other cats, though you never hear about them because, for the most part, they stay out of trouble. Daniel the Cat has always been our Problem Child.*

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Styling a Bookshelf

When I visit someone's home, I love taking a peak at their bookshelves. I think that the items in a person's bookcase can tell you a lot about them. Of course, what a person is reading says a lot about who they are, but all of the items that are displayed along side of the books also say a lot.

Take a look at this book case. Doesn't it look serene? All of the books have been covered and natural elements offer most of the texture. Bookcases aren't just for books! Use them to display family photos, special mementos and even plants.

Every time I see a bookshelf that has been organized according to color, I tell myself that I need more colorful books! The best way to add dimension to a book shelf is to alternate between stacking and lining the books up. Any books that are stacked in my bookcase, always have an item placed on top of them. Maybe a picture frame, maybe a candle.

This bookcase has a variety of objects in it. Books, vases, candlesticks, sculptural items and picture frames. Isn't this a bookcase that you would want to take the time to look at?

If I could have a room dedicated to books, it would look like this.

In our home, one of my favorite places to display special items, is in this bookcase. You'll notice that Daniel The Cat, also known as the Cashmere Bandit also likes this bookcase and has decided that he is worth displaying as well.

We keep framed photos, candles, shells, books, teapots and other items that are special to us here.

Since our ceilings are a bit higher in this room, there is quite a bit of space above the bookshelf. I decided that it looked way too plain up there. So, I had a photo that we took when we hiked the Napali Coast enlarged. Once I framed it, I placed it on top on the bookcase, along with a large, sea-blue colored glass vessel. Oh, by the way, the glass vessel was on clearance for only $4.00. Score!

Now, Daniel The Cat likes to sit atop the bookcase and pretend that he is at the beach. Meow.

What are your tips for styling a bookcase? Do you strictly use books? Or do you infuse some extra personality? Do share!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Sprucing Up the Front Door

While thinking of ways to spruce up my front door, I decided to meander over to Pinterest for ideas.

Maybe a little DIY wreath will spruce up our front door!

Or, maybe I should paint our house numbers.

How about something featuring our last initial?

So, now I have a ton of ideas floating floating around in my head.  Would you like to add any?

All images were found on Pinterest.