Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Creating a Moss Terrarium

While at DIG Gardens, we picked up a few pieces of moss, so that I could complete a moss terrarium that I had thought to create months ago. Back when I made this little beauty, I know that I wanted to create something pretty with the other glass vases I had left.

First, I dropped some river rocks in the vase, to create space for drainage.  You'll notice that I completed this project inside of a cardboard box, so as not to get our brand new patio table dirty. I'm nothing if not super tidy! Ehem . . .

Then, I placed soil in the vase.

Next, I nestled my moss into it's new home.

Then, I decided it would look nice to have a few small succulents poking through. So, I snagged a few succulents from our yard and plopped them in as well.

Next, I added a few river rocks to create additional texture and visual interest.

I gave my moss a mist of water and it was good to go!

Now, my little moss terrarium sits happily by our kitchen window.

What kind of projects have you created lately? Have you ever done a project with moss? I was drawn to it because of how easy it is to keep alive. Even my black thumb will have a hard time killing it.


  1. This post reminds me of a website I came across a while ago. I thought the idea of creating any design / anything you wanted out of moss was a neat and kind of permanent personal idea. When I have my own home, I would like to write something out with the moss in my garden that is personal to me / my family OR something that relates to the garden. Here is the website to see what I'm talking about and / or get the recipe on doing it yourself:

  2. Or even "moss letters"!

    You've got me all jazzed up on MOSS now!

  3. I never thought moss could look so cute :)