Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bring Beachside Style to Your Home!

There are many beachy touches throughout our house, but the room that gets the award for most beach inspired is definitely our guestroom. My sister lives in Santa Cruz, which is just a 30 minute car ride away, but when she comes to visit, we like her to feel at home. So, our beach inspired guestroom is the perfect place for her to rest her cute, little head. (Check out before & after pics of the room here). Our guestroom has definitely changed since we first shared pictures with you, and we are definitely going to post updated photos soon.

If you are trying to infuse some ocean style into your decorating plan, look for things like shells, sea grass, driftwood, and beach glass.

A beautiful bowl on the nightstand, filled with these items creates gorgeous texture and dimension.

I love the crispness of white curtains next to the soothing blue and greens in our space, but something more textural, like burlap would be nice too.  A soothing color palette of soft blues and greens will mimic the ocean’s tranquillity, so stay away from bold or bright colors.

We distressed all of the furniture in the room, after painting it white. I think it gives the room a more lived-in and cozy feel.

What are your tips for infusing beach style into a home?