Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nature Inspired Decorating

When we saw this home, we knew that we needed to share it with you. Like the "Beachy" home we shared last time, this home definitely pulls it's design inspiration from nature, but in an understated way. It has many rustic elements, but certainly doesn't feel like a log cabin.

Between the rustic and wooden coffee table, wood-block lamps and potted plants, this home definitely embraces natural decor. The swirly, wooded sculpture on the coffee table adds a touch of whimsy and elegance. Love it!

The dining area gives you a peak of the beautiful courtyard. The table is simple, but adds to the natural feel of the home. I wanted to take those burlap upholstered dining chairs home with us!

And how about the centerpiece?! I sure do love me some succulents and air plants!

The guest bedroom is warm and welcoming. I think that artwork you see above the bed would be an easy DIY project.

I love this master bedroom! The color of the walls is the perfect blue/gray shade of paint. If I could have, I would have stolen those bedside tables. With such rustic wood, their elegant shape is so unexpected. Personally, I'd love to see some crystal drawer pulls on those guys.

How about you? Do you pull your design inspiration from nature? Have you ever come across a piece of furniture that is made from a totally unexpected material? I'm still drooling over those bedside tables!


  1. Nice photos! I sure love seeing homes with plants (of any sizes and kinds) included as interior decorations. It's so refreshing and I would love to come home to an abode like this after a tiresome day at work. I also love the bedside table! Thanks for sharing this, by the way. :)

  2. This post reminds me of a childhood friend's house. The house was / is his parent's of course.The whole family is all about nature, organic EVERYTHING, right down to their hand soap! Anyhow, they had this very beautiful wallpaper in their living room. It was a very vibrant green fern with a cream - colored background. The couches had material similar to the 1st bedroom you posted. There's something so soothing about nature inspired decorating.

  3. I love both light and beachy and darker nature inspired homes. I'd love to have a centerpiece like that in my house. Really, that centerpiece would work in almost any style home, wouldn't it?

  4. Those burlap upholstered dining chairs really added texture and the use of plants added an organic feel to the dining room.

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  5. Decorate your home naturally. Make sure you add plants inside your home to maintain its liveliness.

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  6. Good job on maximizing the use of natural light in the dining area. With the light and artwork, the room provides a more comfortable seating. In feng shui perspective, allowing natural light and fresh air enlivens the chi.

  7. This is just amazing. I love the floral centerpiece. I just wonder how you made it.