Monday, June 20, 2011

Our 2nd Annual Pinata Party

Last year, we accidentally threw what is now known as a Pinata Party. Yes, it was an accident.  You see, last summer, we had a dinner party with a group of our nearest and dearest friends. We thought it would be a fun surprise to bring out a goody-filled pinata after dinner. Well, the pinata ended up being a huge hit, (pun intended). Everyone loved it so much that we joked about having a pinata at every dinner party. "Can we do this every year?", one friend asked. Our friends began to throw out suggestions left and right about what our "Annual Pinata Party" should be like. "We should each bring a pinata!", "We should make our pinatas!", and throughout the past year, when our dinner party was referenced, it was always referred to as "The Pinata Party". And so, "The Pinata Party" was born. And yes, this past weekend, we hosted our 2nd Annual Pinata Party. Leave it to us to throw a party SMACK DAB in the middle of a major bathroom renovation.

A few weeks ago, we created festive invitations and sent them to our guests. The guest list was simple, - last year when the idea of having an annual pinata themed party came up, we decided that we would stick with the exact same group of people who had helped us come up with the idea.  In fact, last year, as we said goodbye to our guests, many yelled, "See you next year! Same time, same place!", as they climbed into their cars. So we invited the exact same group that had joined us that fateful evening.

We created a colorful tablescape to greet our guests.

Above the buffet, we hung cheerful pom poms that I made (and had to fight our cats for).

Green Pellegrino bottles served as candle holders. Tea lights were also scattered across the table. And of course, we placed Mexican rosary candles on the table as well.

Red and white vases held colorful flowers.

And those colorful, little poofs that you see are mini pinatas, filled with goodies for each guest.

We hung sheer curtains around our patio to add a bit of whimsy. And though these photos don't show them, we had beautiful twinkling lights and candles hanging above the table. I regret not getting a great shot of those!

It was a great night . . . and we'll start planning for next year's party soon.


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  2. Such great, creative and unique ideas! Themed parties are always a blast. Good Stuff!

  3. That sounds so fun. I think it's always fun to have an annual event or party that you host so that your friends can plan for it and look forward to it all year.