Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Casual, Beachy Vibe.

Today we're featuring a home that just makes us feel good. As you can guess from the title, this home has a casual, beachy vibe. What I love most is that the decor definitely takes cues from the ocean without being too literal. There are no shells and no photos of the beach, yet a beachy vibe definitely comes across.  The home feels like a sophisticated beach house.

How great is that bold navy on the wall? And I love the graphic print on the pillows!

With a headboard made of all natural material, accompanied by the nature inspired artwork, this bedroom has a very casual feel, yet still has a sophisticated edge.

What kind of decorator are you? Are you inspired by nature? Are you a traditionalist? Does your spouse prefer Modern decor, while you prefer Shabby Chic?  Any tips on how to merge styles with your spouse?


  1. The blue and white combination always feels beachy to me!

  2. I'm a "Shabby Chic" kind of girl myself. Unfortunately, my significant other thinks it's "tacky". So, If it's possible, I need to somehow take my "Shabby Chic" taste and put it together with his EXTREMELY modern ideas and somehow make it look great.

  3. Jen- Your cats won! You are one of the giveaway winners of the portable pet bowls on my blog: APPLESandRUBIES

    Where did you find this room and who did it? I am looking of examples of navy and white interiors for my sister in law and this is perfect!