Thursday, June 16, 2011

Boudoir Beauties

Thanks to “Our Fine House” for letting me guest post today! I’m Susi, a home décor writer with Design Shuffle, a popular portfolio and social media platform for interior designers with tons of interior design ideas. I have to disclose right up front, I’m not a girly-girl at heart (I’m fonder of orange than I am of pink.) However, I must admit the boudoirs I ran across for this post really spoke to my softer side. See if they do the same for you.

Just by the title you can tell this is going to be a girly-girl post about the joys of feminine style. If you are lucky enough to have a dressing room, you can turn that space into an oasis of glamour. Not so lucky? Capture the style in a bathroom, powder room or corner of your bedroom, the rooms below are sure to inspire a few decorating ideas. Boudoir must haves include mirrors, curvy lines, flowers, gorgeous lighting and luxurious fabrics. Think feminine, think sparkle, think no boys allowed. Enjoy!

Casa Sugar {via}

Modern powder room/dressing rooms can get glamour from sophisticated pastels, shiny surfaces, sparkling lights and French style.

Tudorks {via}

Designer Nanette Lepore's dressing room centers around a rich, antique Chinese rug topped by an oversize velvet pouf. Nothing says boudoir like a white poodle.

Access Decorati {via}

Stunning dramatic dressing room by Stephanie Lake Designs. Those drapes! Love the dark walls, vintage paintings and pale blue furniture. Elegant and glamorous.

Home Bunch {via}

This could be a dressing room or corner of a feminine bedroom. Love the deep pink walls, a place to lounge and the mirrored chest of drawers.

Flickr {via}

We found this photo on Flickr from Fun on the Floor. The chair with the corset ribbon back is gorgeous—so feminine!

Marie Antoinette Queen of France {via}

Marie Antoinette's boudoir in Fontainebleau is a riot of patterns and decoration. Love the play of delicate florals and rich gilding. Give you more interior design ideas to try at home?

Scandalous Fashion {via}

Finally, the ultimate boudoir as imagined by Sophia Copolla in her eye candy filled Marie Antoinette. Boudoir comes from the french word to sulk. How could anyone sulk in a room this gorgeous, filled with delicious cakes?!


  1. I love really feminine looks for bathrooms or bedrooms, especially the antique french styles. Thanks for sharing Susi!

  2. Looks lovely! Thanks Jen for giving us the opportunity to guest write for your blog.

    Kenny and the Design Shuffle Team

  3. great post! thanks for sharing -