Saturday, May 28, 2011

Log Cabin Chic

When most people think of a log cabin, they imagine a dark and musty space.

Well, get ready for a surprise!

This cabin had so much character, including the adorable doorbell. Take a close look in the picture below. To the left of the door, you will notice a string, attached to a bell. Yup, that's the doorbell! No button for this doorbell!

Many of the windows are stained glass and most of the windowsills have mounds of beautiful, green moss.

How great is this chair? Made from a log, this chair is functional and fits in perfectly with the decor of the space.

Take a look at this staircase.

Yup, those are branches!

 The bathroom manages to be modern and rustic at the same time.

The stone detailing in the bathroom makes this tub feel more like a spa than a log cabin.

The loft space is light and airy, while still feeling very "cabin like".

The stained glass throughout the house has a double function. It's beautiful and charming, while allowing light to flow throughout the space.

This cute side table is clearly made from a tree stump and an old tree branch. It manages to make the space look rustic, while staying light and airy.

Even with the amazingly high ceilings, the great room manages to feel cozy.

This place makes you think of log cabins in a whole new way, doesn't it?


  1. Log cabins are so charming. On Sunday morning I saw a piece on the news about the process of cutting the logs to build a cabin and how absolutely precise they must be. It was so interesting and made we wonder how expensive it must be to construct one.

  2. What a gorgeous cabin!! I love the branches going up the stair case. How awesome!