Friday, April 8, 2011

Our Home Office Reveal

Our Fine House is finally feeling better, so we are back to blogging! Today, we're excited to share our home office with you. Unfortunately (or very fortunately, depending on your taste) we don't have many "before" photos.  But, we do have a couple. This one shows the glass that was spread all over the floor when we purchased the house. Yes, the glass is from a broken window. How lovely.

Now, we have all new, energy efficient, double paned windows.

And of course, the disgustingly dirty blinds that were hanging in the broken window. Yes, we sure appreciated all of the time and effort that the previous owners took to clean up the property before they turned it over to us.

We were excited to transform the room into a cozy office.

With the bamboo curtains, blue walls and dark furniture, we definitely get the "warm and cozies" when we are in this room.

This little reading nook is my favorite part of the room. With the modern chair and light, it has a bit of flair, but still feels personal because of the frames that share the space. The two large photo frames served as our guestbook at our wedding. The smaller frame is a shadowbox that my mom gave to us. It's filled with wedding memories, like the invitation, a few photos and other trinkets.

Here's a closer look at our "guestbook", filled with notes from our friends and family.

This piece of furniture was once a knotty pine TV console. After painting it with a glossy coat of black paint and changing the hardware, it now serves as storage for our books and files.

 Our bookshelf is filled with real estate books and a few books about travel. Of course, it also has a few frames and mementos in there as well.

Our shelves hold a few boxes from Ikea that we keep filled with office supplies.

Since it's a small space, we chose to use a glass desk. Because we can see right through it, the desk doesn't take up much visual space. And despite your political affiliations, I'm sure that most people can agree that the Obama print is an iconic piece of art that represents an important part of US history. We're pretty excited to have a print!

So, while our office is far from finished, we are happy that we have finally been able to share it with you. For those of you that have a home office space, please stay tuned! We have a great giveaway coming up that will help you make your office space everything that you've wanted it to be. Okay, maybe not EVERYTHING that you've wanted it to be, but it will definitely help you give it a bit of flair.


  1. Just stopping by from SITS. :) Love the pictures.

  2. It looks awesome! I love the modern sort of feel you have going on!!

  3. it looks SO GREAT! I'm very impressed. you want to come decorate for meeee :)

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