Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dressing Room Reveal

When we moved into our house, we had an extra bedroom. We had already designated a room for our office, a room for guests and of course, a master suite. Soooo . . . I suggested the obvious, -  "Let's turn this room into my closet!" Initially, Joe wasn't thrilled. In fact, he countered with his own suggestion of turning the room into a "Man Cave". Once I convinced him that the garage was his Man Cave, I was on my way to turning the room into my very own dressing room!

If you've seen any of our "Before" pictures, you know that when we bought our house, it was covered in wild colors. Strangely, this room was the tamest.  

Soon, I transformed it into my own, private sanctuary.

A comfortable sofa, soft drapes, a chandelier from Ikea and neutral colored walls make this room feel so cozy!

The glass case is where I keep my cashmere scarves.  You may be wondering why they need to be kept in a glass case. Well, a certain cat of ours seems to have very expensive taste. The first time that he dragged one of my cashmere sweaters into his bed with him, we found it endearing. When he began stealing every piece of cashmere and hiding them behind chairs in our dining room, we knew something needed to be done.

This dresser once belonged to my great-grandmother. I've had it for most of my life. After changing the hardware, it looks much more modern. This is one piece of furniture that I will never paint.

It's covered with photos, or as I like to call them, "framed memories".

The other dresser in the room once belonged to Joe's grandmother. I changed the hardware on this piece as well.  Now, it happily lives in my dressing room. Apothecary jars filled with jewelry give the space a little extra bling.

Take a peak at these ceramic leaves. I bought them at a craft faire and they were made to hold tea bags. Now, they hold earrings.

In apothecary jars, jewelry can be seen and used to decorate when not being worn.

Oh, and here is the Cashmere Bandit.

Notice how dangerously close he sits to the case holding the cashmere. I'm sure he wishes that he had thumbs.

Photos from our wedding day adorn the walls.

And of course, purse storage!

I fear that my bags may quickly be outgrowing their space.

A tray full of relaxing scents. Though it's hard to see, the box contains the lace handkerchief that I used on our wedding day. The very same one that my mom carried. It once belonged to my great-grandmother. I feel very lucky to have something so special!

And of course hooks for my smaller bags. And why put away all of the Christmas decorations? I'll hang this "H" and crystal ornament year-round.

One last peak inside my Dressing Room.  While it's not my favorite room in our house, it is the room where I feel most relaxed.

Which room in your house makes you feel most relaxed?


  1. Oh my goodness! I love how you displayed the jewlery in the apothecary jars. Great idea! Love the earings you have in the leaf you bought at the craft faire by the way...Great taste!

  2. You're sooo lucky to have so many 'extra' rooms in your home! I would KILL for my own dressing room! It looks great, good job!

  3. You lucky girl! I want a dressing room!!! You did a fabulous job...I can't believe that paint choice in the "before" photo. Yikes!

  4. If my husband saw this he'd tell me not to get any big ideas of converting our guest room! It looks so inviting and has that personal feeling to it.

  5. Oh, I love this transformation! And, wow...how spacey your home is. And your cat ... gorgeous!