Monday, December 6, 2010

Walking in a Winter Wonderland . . . Or Not.

Since we live in sunny California, a White Christmas is just a dream, but I wanted to create something that would give our home a White Christmas kind of feel. So, I secured a few manzanita branches in a plastic planter and used spray pant to make the branches white. After the paint dried, I gave the branches a quick coat of pearlescent paint.

Then, I placed the planter in a pretty, white tin and covered up the base with some fake snow. Pretty crystal ornaments and classic, silver ball ornaments completed the look.

This would be a great project for someone that doesn't have the room for a traditional Christmas tree.

I'm pretty sure that we'll be using this tree for Easter as well. Wouldn't it be beautiful with pretty Easter eggs hanging from it?

With our living room decorated in very traditional Christmas colors, we're changing things up in our dining room. This tree looks beautiful in a room filled with silvers and icy blues.

 Shimmery and beautiful!

What colors are you using in your Christmas decor?


  1. How pretty! What a neat / cheap idea! I think the branches would look great even if you just used the plain white paint (for the more natural simple decor). And it makes a nice center piece too! I have always loved the "Winter Wonderland" theme with delicate white, silver, and "icy blue" colors...

  2. This looks awesome! I am thinking about doing something similar for the center of our dining table. We just went with a tiny tree this year (we're short on space, and on $$) so I think doing another small 'tree' in the living/dining area would really round out the space. You've just inspired me to go on the hunt for some branches today!

  3. I too am going on a tree branch hunt! This is beautiful!

  4. So beautiful! It's great that you can use it for multiple holidays too!

  5. beautiful! Creating something very similar to this! Wanted to know what I should use to hang the ornaments? Ribbon or the traditional wire?

  6. We used thin, silver ribbon to hang the ornaments. Thanks for stopping by!