Thursday, October 28, 2010


Since we've been away on vacation, we needed some quick ways to make our home feel a little bit more festive for Halloween. Of course we'll have pumpkins on our porch, (since we were so successful in growing them in our garden) but we needed something else to welcome our trick-or-treaters. So I decided to whip up a cute sign for the front door using materials that I had sitting around.

Here's what I used for my project:

File Folders, for backing.

Cute scrapbooking paper for the sign, ribbon, a glue stick, an exacto knife, scissors and a pen.


What kind of things have you done to make your home feel festive for Halloween?


Aloha! In case you hadn't noticed, we've had the blog on autopilot for the past few weeks.  After a couple of wonderful weeks spent in Hawaii, we were all tied up with the wedding of dear friends.  Now that we're back, there are so many things to share! Stay tuned for some great Autumn DIY!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Does Halloween have you inspired to infuse more orange into your decor?
Take a look at these photos from Martha Stewart. Done right, orange can really brighten up a space.

Do you use orange in your decor? Or do you stay more neutral?