Sunday, August 1, 2010

Achieving the Shabby Chic Look

We love questions from readers! Let's kick off the week by seeing if we can help Kristen with her design dilemma.

Kristen writes:

Hi Jen,

I was wondering if you or some of the other followers on your blog might have some ideas for my apartment...I'm looking to do all the rooms "Shabby Chic". Also, I love your idea of make the place "your own", and want to incorporate memories throughout the house as you have done with yours. I'm not really creative, but you have given me a ton of inspiration....

Kristen, Thank you so much for writing! We have plenty of ideas to share with you. Lucky for you, achieving the "Shabby Chic" look can be quite easy and affordable. You can definitely work with what you already have or you can buy a few key pieces from estate sales, flea markets or thrift stores. Shabby Chic is all about distressed furniture and white or pastel colors.

Try painting your furniture pieces a beautiful, creamy white. After the pieces are dry, use sand paper to distress the corners and edges. Adding glass or crystal knobs would be a really nice touch.

A few throw pillows in pretty pastels or white lace would add a Shabby Chic look to your couch or bed. Check out the great bedding that Target has! They have a whole line of beautiful, Shabby Chic bedding.

Find a chandelier at a thrift store and tweak it a bit to fit your new Shabby Chic style. You may even be able to find a great chandelier at Ikea! (Take a look at this little gem). A coat of cream colored spray paint would be an easy and inexpensive way to change it's look to something more your style.

A great way for you to incorporate memories into your decorating is by adding photos. Buy a variety of frames in different sizes, shapes and designs. To unify their look, give them a coat of paint and a quick distressing. Then, you'll have a gorgeous collection of Shabby Chic frames to display all of your special photos.

Want another great way to make the space your own? Find wood cut-outs of your initials and paint them white. Then, hang them on the wall using a beautiful, satin ribbon.

Kristen, we hope this helps. Readers, do you have any other great ideas to share?


  1. Oooh! Great ideas! I didn't even think to check out the flea market or thrift stores...Thanks for the tips!

  2. Thrift stores are filled with things she could use. The great thing about the shabby chic look is that you can add layers as you find new items and the look only improves.

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