Thursday, July 29, 2010

Personalizing a Home

When we have guests over, we are often complimented about how personal our space feels.  It's true, our home is very personalized! We've never purchased art for our walls, instead we prefer to create our own pieces of art or frame photos that we've taken. None of our "knick knacks" are pieces that were purchased exclusively to decorate our home. Every piece that we have decorated with means something to us and has played some role in our relationship. Take a look below at some of the things that we've done to personalize our home.

These silver letters were used to decorate the candy buffet that we had on our wedding day. Today, they reside on a shelf in our living room.

These candle holders were a wedding gift from a family member. We've filled them with shells that we have collected on vacations over the years.  Every time we pass them, we think of Hawaii.

Since our last name begins with an H, we use H's throughout our home. We have monogrammed towels, pillowcases, etc. Can't get enough H's!

These branches are from the trees in our front yard. A quick coat of spray paint made them glisten and they now have a home in my closet, right next to the "H" we used to top our wedding cake.

Now that you know some of our decorating secrets, spill some of yours! How do you personalize your space?


  1. It is so important to make it your own!!

  2. I too love having items in the home that are special to us. When we go on trips I like to bring home small souvenirs that I picked up that can be used in the home. I've brought home sand and shells from many beaches, but one of my favorites in a beautiful blue bottle that we received on a trip to Jamaica. The resort where we were staying was celebrating a big anniversary and each guest received their invitation rolled up in the bottle. It's sitting on my great room bookshelves.

  3. Hi Jen!

    I'm moving next week, and I'm looking forward to using some of your blog ideas to decorate the new house. In the meantime, here's an award for you: The Versatile Blogger

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  4. Hi Jen,

    I was wondering if you or some of the other followers on your blog might have some ideas for my apartment...I'm looking to do all the rooms "Shabby Chic". Also, I love your idea of make the place "your own", and want to incorporate memories throughout the house as you have done with yours. I'm not really creative, but you have given me a ton of inspiration...

  5. I really like anything that is monogrammed or even just letters. I've been thinking about getting some letters for in my kitchen... just have to decide what to spell.

  6. What great ideas!! I love that you incorporated memories into your items.

  7. Agree! It's so nice to have items with meaning in your home rather than trinkets that also lines the shelves of every other home in America.

    I use a lot of my wedding decor at Christmas time (turned them into ornaments) and I also have letters of our name in multiple places. Cute pictures!