Thursday, July 29, 2010

Personalizing a Home

When we have guests over, we are often complimented about how personal our space feels.  It's true, our home is very personalized! We've never purchased art for our walls, instead we prefer to create our own pieces of art or frame photos that we've taken. None of our "knick knacks" are pieces that were purchased exclusively to decorate our home. Every piece that we have decorated with means something to us and has played some role in our relationship. Take a look below at some of the things that we've done to personalize our home.

These silver letters were used to decorate the candy buffet that we had on our wedding day. Today, they reside on a shelf in our living room.

These candle holders were a wedding gift from a family member. We've filled them with shells that we have collected on vacations over the years.  Every time we pass them, we think of Hawaii.

Since our last name begins with an H, we use H's throughout our home. We have monogrammed towels, pillowcases, etc. Can't get enough H's!

These branches are from the trees in our front yard. A quick coat of spray paint made them glisten and they now have a home in my closet, right next to the "H" we used to top our wedding cake.

Now that you know some of our decorating secrets, spill some of yours! How do you personalize your space?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Winner Announcement

The winner of our Greeting Card Giveaway is . . .

Kristen, who said that she has saved EVERY birthday card she has ever received since she was 5 years old. Thanks for entering! Enjoy your greeting cards!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Jolie's Laundry Room Remodel

I've been MIA for the past week as I prep for a bridal shower that I'm hosting this weekend. I can't wait to share all of the beautiful projects that I've been working on for the bride's special day. My posts next week will be all about the party.

Recently, I came across an amazing blog that I would love to share. Jolie, over at Shopping Candy has been decorating her first new home and is sharing the progress on her wonderful blog.

Check out her Laundry Room Remodel below.


Gorgeous, right? Swing by her blog and have a peak. You'll probably want to browse all day!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Greeting Card Giveaway!!

This Giveaway is Now Closed.

We have a wonderful new giveaway, courtesy of the folks over at Digital Room. If you haven't checked out Digital Room yet, then you really should mosey on over. They're a great source for online printing. Whether you are interested in business cards, calenders, wall graphics or greeting card printing, they're the place to go!

Digital Room will be giving one lucky winner a set of 50 7 x 5 Folded Cards with Plain Envelopes. All you need to do is think of what great photo or design you'd like printed on the cards! Maybe a "Thank You" card for friends that just attended your fabulous Summer BBQ? How about cards printed with your favorite picture? Or maybe you want to get a jump start on your holiday printing and get some Christmas cards in the works!

Here's how you can enter for a chance to win:

1. Become a follower of this blog. (Required entry). If you are already a follower, leave us a comment telling us so.
2. Leave us a comment telling us what kind of cards you'd like to have printed. (Bonus entry).
3. Leave us a comment telling us if you keep all of the greeting cards you receive. If you do keep them, what do you do with them? Are they put away in a box? A scrapbook? (Bonus Entry).

The winner will be randomly selected on Monday, the 19th.

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents who are 18 years and older only.

Good luck!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Solar Powered Firefly

If you grew up in an area with fireflies, this may be something that interests you!! Humble Earth Productions has created an Electric Firefly. Humble Earth's Fireflies are solar powered and begin flashing at twilight and continue to flicker their cute, green light for a few hours. I haven't purchased any yet, but would love to hang some from the trees in our backyard. If you want to check them out, visit the website here.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Would you buy your dog a mansion?

Apparently, even in this economy, people are still finding the money to spoil their dogs. I keep stumbling across stories about Dog Mansions. I have to admit, these houses look cool, but would you ever spend a fortune buying your dog a house like one of these?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We're Featured!!

This past Sunday, Our Fine House was featured as a Guest Blogger over at Cassiopeia Chats. If you haven't checked out Cassiopeia yet, you should head on over! The website is full of fun tips!!

And while you're blog surfing, stop by Strictly Simple Style. Karen over at Strictly Simple Style just tackled a silver leafing project that turned out gorgeous. Every time I read her blog, I'm inspired to start a new project. Stop by and take a look!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

S'more Cupcakes, Please!

The Summer wouldn't be complete without S'mores! And in this case . . . S'more Cupcakes!! Our 4th of July BBQ Bash was a success, and these S'more Cupcakes were quite the hit! Follow along, I'll tell you how I made these little beauties.

First, I crushed some graham crackers for the delicious crust. To make 24 cupcakes, you'll need about 1 1/2 cups of crushed crackers. (That's about 1 package). Mix the crushed grahams with 1 cup of sugar and 5 tablespoons of butter. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
Then, press about a tablespoon of the yummy crumbs into your lined cupcake tins. It's best to press the crumbs down firmly with a shotglass, (preferably one from your wild college years, as seen below). After pressing the crumbs and reminiscing about your wild child days, put the cupcake tin in the oven for about 5 minutes. When they are done in the oven, fill 2/3 of the way with chocolate cake mix. Then, pop them back in the oven until they are finished baking.

After cooling, use an apple corer to remove the center of your cupcakes. I'm sure you'll find something to do with all of those delicious cupcake middles.

Then, fill each hole with marshmallow fluff. I put the fluff in a plastic bag and snipped the corner off. Who needs a fancy pastry bag?

Next, frost with chocolate frosting and decorate.
Then, invite friends over to help you eat these little beauties, because you won't want to be alone in the house with them!