Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Time Saving Tips For Your Move Part 2

As Realtors, we are often asked for moving tips. Today we are sharing our final 5 Time Saving Tips For Your Move.

Tip #6: Make your current residence move-out ready. Be sure to unplug appliances and lighting fixtures if you're taking them with you. This will speed things along for your moving company. Create clear paths to allow for easy moving.

Tip#7: Pack your everyday necessities in an easy-to-find box. If you've moved before, you know how easy it is to lose everyday things, and you also know the frustration that comes with it. Help avoid this by packing your everyday essentials, such as toiletries, medications, important documents, etc. and keeping them with you, rather than in the moving truck where they might get mixed in with all of your other boxes.

Tip #8: Get your new home in "move-in" condition before you start moving your belongings in. If you need to paint, clean, replace carpeting or make other improvements to your new home, do them while your house is still empty.

Tip #9: Put together your floor plan. Plan how you want to arrange your furniture prior to moving into your home. Take dimensions of your new home and your furniture and create a space plan. This way, when moving day comes, you can put things in their place quickly.

Tip # 10: Change your address before you move. You're going to have your hands full once you move, so help yourself out beforehand by picking up the phone or going online to contact all of your vendors, such as phone, cable, Internet, power, gas, water and garbage. Update your address so there isn't a disruption in your service or bills.


  1. My best moving tip would be to pack up things you won't be needing as soon as you know you are going to move. Things like holiday decorations can be stored in a garage until moving day and you'll have less to do closer to the move in date.

    I couldn't agree more about getting the new place in move-in condition. It's so much easier to paint and clean carpets when the house is empty. Besides, once you move in then you can get started on the fun stuff like accessorizing.

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