Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Valentine's Day Tablescape

Having dinner at home this Valentine's Day? Be sure to decorate your table for the special day!

All we have here is:
Red vases, filled with red and silver spray-painted birch tree branches
Candles on a pretty silver plate
Silver letters that spell "love" & "kiss", recycled from our wedding
A silver platter filled with chocolate for a sweet appetizer before Valentine's Day dinner

Since we love chocolate, we strongly believe in having a little bit of it just before dinner. Yes, like a chocolate appetizer.

For those of you with kids, go ahead and let them sneak a little bit of candy before dinner. It's okay to be naughty once in a while!

How will you be celebrating Valentine's Day? Do you go out to dinner or stay in?


  1. My husband is going to Georgia to see his very ill dad and help his mom. I will have lunch with my Sunday school class if my son is in a good mood.

  2. we are having dinner tonight in! My hubby is planning it all!!:)stop by

  3. What a great display! We enjoyed dinner at a little B&B in Rome...our little baby boy was sleeping next to us, but it was still very sweet.