Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A little birdie told me . . . to fix our bird feeders!

We get a TON of birds in our yard and our (indoor) cats love watching all of them. We hang bird feeders close to the windows so that our cats can watch the birds all day long. Every so often the bird feeders will be knocked to the ground because of a frisky squirrel or an overly excited bird. To solve this problem, we've changed the way that we hang the feeders. Check it out.

We bought these Eye Hooks and screwed them into the eave that hangs over our cat's favorite window.

Then we attached these Quick Links (They open and close with a small screw).

Then we hung the feeders as our cats waited anxiously.

Now we have happy kitties and happy birdies.

And we won't have to work about any pesky squirrels knocking these feeders to the ground anymore!