Monday, November 30, 2009

Deck the Halls!

We are knee-deep in Christmas decorations, how about you?
Here's some eye candy to serve as inspiration if you haven't started your decorating just yet.

Aren't these carnation wreaths beautiful and different? A very modern twist to holiday decorating!
How gorgeous is this? This look would be amazing for New Year's as well. I wonder if I could duplicate this look, but on a much smaller scale.
We have a surplus of pine cones in our yard, (thanks to a neighboring tree) so we have been making a ton of pine cone crafts this year. Maybe I'll give the pine cone ball below a shot.
This photo is so inspiring to me!
We too have a tree in our dining room this year (a total of 3 in our house) so the photo below gives me the warm and fuzzies.
How about you? Do you try something new every year or do you stick to tradition?


  1. I equally love the image with the carnation wreaths and the glamorous New Year's Eve look. Hope you'll show your pine cone creations.

  2. I love the decorations, very beautiful.