Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Autumn Flower Arrangements

Fresh flowers are mandatory when throwing a party, so when we began planning our housewarming party I knew that we would have to do something special. I wanted to make sure that our flower arrangements were appropriate for the season. But most importantly, I wanted the arrangements to be easy to make! This idea would be perfect for a Thanksgiving centerpiece. Take a look.

We bought pumpkins at a farmers market for just a few bucks. Joe carved the top of the pumpkins and scooped out all of the seeds and other gunk. (I didn't want pumpkin guts under my nails for our big party).
Then I took a bunch of small branches from our maple trees and began to assemble a bouquet of carnations, pom poms and astromerias that I purchased from the store.

Then I put a small vase filled with water inside my pumpkins. (A small candle holder will work well in pumpkins that are tiny).
Then I plopped a bouquet in each pumpkin and was finished. How easy was that?!


  1. dropped by from SITS...those are beautiful! I need a centerpiece for my Thanksgiving table and I think I'll have to try this! Thank you!

  2. They are lovely. I like that you did a grouping rather than rust one. That would look beautiful on a Thanksgiving table.

  3. Hi Jen and Joe, Love your arrangements. I dreamed of flowers last night...which is why I posted Sunflowers on my Pixtal Peep blog. If you ever lose your day job I guess you can always open up a flower shop.

  4. Wow! It is exactly autumn. Beautiful!!